Weekly Beer Recommendation 7/30/09

image from beerinator.com

image from beerinator.com

So considering all that’s going on with the Pirates right now, I figured now was a good time for a nice stiff barley wine as the beer recommendation.  I think I found a good one clocking in at 10% alcohol: Below Decks Ale from Clipper City Brewing Co. (Warning: please drink this responsibly.  I don’t want to get sued).

Clipper City is located right outside of Baltimore and has a few quality beers in its repertoire.  Look for their Heavy Seas line (of which Below Decks is a member).  When they bottle Heavy Seas beers, they leave some live yeast in the bottle to age a bit like wine.  A nice touch.  It’s a fairly new brewery (established in ’95), and is relatively easy to find.  Not every brewery will take a shot at a barley wine, but Clipper City earns some brownie points (and this recommendation) by giving it a shot . Now to come clean, I’m not a barley wine fan.  It’s just way to sour for me.  But if you’re into them, Heavy Seas is a good choice.  It’s nice and complex, but still maintains a very solid barley wine flavor.

Besides the very sour taste, you can tell that this has a lot of malt in it.  Clipper City apparently also threw in some caramel and brown sugar which gives it a definite sweetness, as well.  Sweet and malt are always a good combo.  I also noticed that there was a big head on this one, and very good lacing (how the head leaves foam on the inside of the glass.  A sign of quality).  The extreme alcohol content is noticeable in the aftertaste, but they do a good job masking it for the most part.  Remember: this is a 10% ABV, so only have one of them.  I’m definitely going to enjoy one as I cry over my autographed Bill Mazeroski picture and pretend it’s 1960.



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2 responses to “Weekly Beer Recommendation 7/30/09

  1. Meg

    so would i like this one?

  2. sportsnat

    Doubtful. I know I said the word ‘wine’ in this post, but it’s not the same. Way too bitter for you.

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