State of the Team: Steelers 2/3/09

Well, the state of the team is pretty darn good right now.  The Super Bowl win has been covered to death so I’ll just lead you here, here and here and let you start to explore for yourself.

So the talk now is whether this was the greatest Supgreatest Super Bowl everer Bowl ever.  I think for me personally, it is because I had a personal stake in the game.  But it wasn’t the greatest Super Bowl game ever.  There are at least half a dozen ahead of it.  The way I see it, a game is declared exciting if it’s decided within a minute or so of the end of the game.  A good game is a game that’s not only decided late, but involves a tight score throughout the game where you can never make a prediction of who is going to win.  In that sense, this game wasn’t one of the greatest.  Pittsburgh was ahead for 3 quarters and it sure looked to everyone watching like they were going to win.  It wasn’t until the safety that got the Cards within one score that people started to take notice.  Even if you want to say that a great game is one that is decided in the last minute, regardless of the rest of the game, this isn’t the best.  Super Bowl XXXVIII and Super Bowl XXXIV were both decided on the final play (XXXVIII was Adam Vinatieri’s game winner over the Panthers and XXXIV was Mike Jones’ game saving tackle of Dyson at the 1 yard line to put the Rams over the Titans).  And that’s just the last 10 years.  Super Bowls X, XXV, and XXXVI were also decided on the last play.  So if XLIII wasn’t the greatest because of it’s last minute suspense, and it wasn’t the greatest due to 4 quarters of suspense, then it isn’t the greatest ever.  Sorry.

John Clayton at says the Steelers are one of a handful of teams we could see in the Super Bowl again next year.  I want to see what happens with free agency first, but I have a bad feeling about this team next year.  I think Clayton makes a good point with the easy schedule next year.  But I think with the decent play in the Super Bowl by some free agents (I’m looking your way O-Line), we may see a lot of new faces next year.  I wouldn’t expect those new faces to be upgrades, either.  I think we’ll have at least 2 new offensive linemen next year.  They weren’t the most talented unit in the NFL, but they were starting to gel a bit towards the end of the season.  It’s a shame we won’t be able to continue that momentum.  I don’t think the Steelers will be bad.  I see us above .500 and competing for a division title (same old same old around here).  But I sure wouldn’t pencil us in for Miami next year quite yet.  Lets hope they prove me wrong.


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